Grandpa’s Orchard News in Review


Start your trees off right, with proper site selection, soil preparation and planting.

This year, Grandpa was busy writing two new articles series. One for the beginning backyard fruit grower and the other featured varieties that Grandpa finds rather interesting. For those of you who may have missed some of these articles, here are the links for you to review!

Beginning Backyard Orchardists:

Pollination Basics
Pre-Planting Soil Preparation
How Fruit Trees Come Out of Dormancy
Cherry Growing
Grafting Your Own Fruit Trees
Planting Fruit Trees in the Fall
Hardining Off and Dormancy

Variety Features:

Kieffer Pear
Honeycrisp Apple
Paul Friday’s Flamin’Fury PF 24-C-Cold Hardy Peach
White Fleshed Peaches
Co-op Apple Varieties
Pluots, Apriums, Plumcots, Apriplums

We hope you enjoyed Grandpa’s Orchard News and thank you for reading. Here’s hoping this year brings an abundant harvest!

Remember, you can read more of Grandpa’s Growing Tips online.

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