You may “think” spring is just around the corner, but those “wascally wabbits” know it is still winter. They are still hungry and looking for food!


There’s no hope for this tree that is girdled more than half way around. It will take several years to grow another one to replace it.

Many parts of the country have experienced record snowfalls this winter. If you live in an area that has had complete snow cover for a long period, the bunnies and deer are probably really hungry! With no open ground, the easy pickings are covered with snow, so they go to the food that is available— tasty bark on tree trunks and limbs. Check your fruit trees often for damage.

Grandpa is fighting hungry bunnies again this year! It started about two weeks ago, and even with a lot of fencing, snow shoveling, baiting, deterrents and even some Elmer Fudd-like lead poisoning, those “wascally wabbits” have done him dirty! First you see a little chewing on the trunks, and then you notice more and more each morning. We are lucky that deer don’t present much problem, but in many places they may start browsing the tops of trees too, since it becomes harder to dig into the deep snow and get food.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks, the weather will moderate some, the snow pack will melt down a little, and the critters can find food other than your trees.

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