Grandpa’s Orchard was started as a way of honoring and immortalizing “Grandpa”DETA-53

Many people ask us at Grandpa’s Orchard, whether there was or still is a Grandpa. Well the answer is yes. The original Grandpa is now deceased and would be 99 this year if he were still alive. The current Grandpa, me (Matt Moser), is 62 and sometimes I feel 99! As a way of honoring and immortalizing “Grandpa”, we started Grandpa’s Orchard.

So, yes the original Grandpa was a real human like we talk about, while the current Grandpa is his son and a little younger, but still a real grandpa with six grandchildren, and hoping that more will be coming from his four off-shoots! We are still a small, family-owned and operated operation. So as yet, you won’t be talking to someone who doesn’t care, although we have to apologize about our “cast iron secretary” of an answering machine who often answers. Sorry, can’t man the office 24 hours a day!

Grandpa and Grandma also respond to email questions atAskGrandpa@GrandpasOrchard.com

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