The Grandpas of Grandpa’s Orchard have some amusing history


“Great Grandpa” Karl receiving a trophy for his apples at the fair.

The history of Grandpa’s Orchard goes back a lot farther than the 10 years of selling fruit trees does.

“Great-Great Grandpa” Otto Karl was an ornery old man who passed away soon after I (Grandpa Matt) was born. So unfortunately, I never got to know him. I learned about him from my father, “Great Grandpa” Karl Otto. Apparently, Great Grandpa Karl took after his Mother in personality, as he was always full of life and had a positive outlook.

Great Grandpa Karl was a World War II vet, who was a scout in the North African invasion and campaign. He told many war stories, which never ceased to fascinate me. One night, while doing reconnaissance behind the “lines”, his Jeep hit a landmine which shattered his foot. His two buddies helped him back to the American lines, where he was soon evacuated back to the US with his “million dollar” wound. The doctors wanted to amputate his foot, but he said “hell no!” Pretty much without complaint for the rest of his life, he carried on with a bum foot which often pained him. However, he was so happy to be alive that he passed that attitude on to everyone he met.

For some reason, he never told me the story of his trying to get into the air corps while at Ft. Knox. I never discovered he had applied until I did a final cleaning of his and my mother’s safe. Inside, I found a letter of recommendation from his Commanding Officer and another from his family doctor who wrote the following letter (which I found extremely comical):

          “To Whom It May Concern:

           Mr. Karl Otto Moser is first a gentleman, Intelligent, has good Morals, is Honest, Trusty, Genial with a pleasing personality.

           He is free from social diseases; a short time ago, just before his marriage, I examined both he and his wife for G & S.

           Incidentally, several years ago we relieved him of the longest appendix that has appeared in my clinic; coiled like a spring.

           I have known Karl since his boyhood and, I don’t have to squirm when I say, it is a pleasure to recommend him for your careful


Grandpa Karl never told me why he wasn’t selected. Perhaps it was because he only had an 8th grade education. However, the letter does explain why, as a child, I was always fascinated by a strange object tucked away in his dresser drawer.  Turns out it was his appendix!

Grandpa Karl’s attitude and love of life rubbed off on all his friends and customers.  Apparently, I’ve inherited his line of bull along with other traits grandparents pass onto their grandkids.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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